Every Room
Has a View

LiquidView's Virtual Window

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LiquidView Windows

Transform any room

with a beautiful Window that

installs in most any wall.


Choose from a library of stunning

24 hour views
that automatically sync

to wherever you are.


Combining inspiring content, expert engineering, and stunning architectural details.

Recognized as one of the best products at CEDIA 2022.

Available Q1 2023.
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Liquidview's Story

Liquidview's Story

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Advanced Features

Each View is photographed by a National Geographic level cinematographers with feature film motion picture cameras, over a 24 hour period, recording an entire day in stunning 8K video – a first. 

To add to the unpredictability  of looking out a window, views are augmented with photo realistic content that appears randomly throughout the day – like these dolphins. The feature, Unexpected Events comes with each View and can be turned on or off with a tap of a button, and includes custom content for each View – matching the lighting for the time of day.


“With LiquidView, you can have your own beautiful view,
no matter where you are. You don't have to be on the top floor
of an exclusive building.”

Suzette Smith
Senior Architect at Skurman Architects


“This is a game changer. We can’t wait to bring LiquidView to our 1,500 AV Integrators all over the country.”

Noah Kaplan
CEO Leon Speakers




LiquidView’s Virtual Window Transforms Any Space into a Room with a View


Transforming Rooms One Virtual Window at a Time


LiquidView and Leon Speakers Collaborate to Debut Stunning Virtual Window at
InfoComm 2022